• Do You Trust Milk You Consume? For Health… Drink Healthy Milk

    Tetra Pak

    Of seven million people we reached in 12 years, 48% preferred “healthy milk.​"

  • Small Things Renew the Nature

    Tetra Pak

    Over 1 million students learnt they may protect the nature by doing “small things.”

  • Filli Boya Science Camp

  • Health Begins in Mouth


    In 2 years 750,000 students found out that health begins in mouth and learnt importance of regularly brushing teeth.

  • video

  • Hands Holding Pen

    Garanti Emeklilik

    In the end of the pilot period, 80 children’s future did not end up in street anymore but school. 


  • Vitrolab


  • Recycling Makes You Well

    Çevko Foundation

    Our campaign still continues with the support of celebrities this year, as well as last year.

  • Take My Hand

    Garanti Bankası

    We renewed 12 kindergartens in 8 provinces in accordance with the “ideal kindergarten” criteria.

  • Cem Botanic

    We sustain our collaboration with Cem Botanik, a prominent firm of the botanic sector since 2000. 

  • Turkey HIV/Aids Prevention and Support Program


    We created awareness of HIV/Aids and opened application centers for those who suspect they may have the disease.

  • Astellas

    We explained our brand Prograf, active in transplantation of organ, to Turkish doctors.

  • Cemberlitas Turkish Bath

    We combined traditional Turkish bath joy with the beauty of the past.

  • a+garden


  • Our Heart Beats at Street


    With support of celebrities we called on the society to become much more sensitive about stray animals. 

  • HannaHome

    We coloured walls and made living spaces elegant with HannaHome.

  • Sipah

    We have made drinking milk enjoyable with Sipahh.

  • Bio DPC

    Bio DPC

  • To Avoid Osteoporosis… For Health, Drink Healthy Milk

    Tetra Pak

    More than 1 million people realized that they need to drink milk to protect themselves from osteoporosis and to remain healthy.

  • ÇEVKO Foundation

    We start recycling.

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